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Oxygen Bar, Rentals and Spa

Welcome to Sea Level Spa! We are dedicated to helping you overcome the effects of high altitude so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Our oxygen and spa services provide an improved feeling of well-being that’s sure to improve the quality of your visit. Call or visit us today to get the most out of your stay in Crested Butte!

We’re open daily 10am – 8pm!

Sea Level Spa offers a full range of massage services including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and authentic Thai massage. In our clean, quiet studios, we have both individual and couples massage available. We can even have one of our highly experienced massage therapists come to your location for an in-home massage session. Call or stop in today to schedule yours!


Whether you have just arrived or have lived in Crested Butte for years, everyone is affected by the thin air here at 9000+ feet elevation. There is about 30% less oxygen available at this altitude than at sea level, meaning that everybody has to adjust to living on less. This reduced oxygen availability can lead to symptoms of altitude sickness, including fatigue, nausea, headaches, chills, lack of stamina, poor sleep, muscle pain/weakness, poor digestion, depressed immune system, restless leg syndrome, dry skin/eyes/mouth and depressed libido.

Oxygen may alleviate these symptoms, and this is where the Sea Level Spa can help!

Our Services

Oxygen Bar & Hyperbaric Chamber

Our oxygen bar can provide fast relief by dramatically increasing the oxygen available to your brain and body. In many cases, 20 to 30 minutes is enough to eliminate the discomfort of altitude sickness for up to 2 days!

Oxygen Rentals

Get the same great benefits as visiting our oxygen bar in the comfort of your own room! We offer the most affordable rates in Crested Butte, and delivery is always free!

Massage & Spa

We offer many styles of massage, table and chair. Massage, reflexology and our other spa treatments can alleviate discomfort and promote a sense of well-being, so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest!


Our Customers Love Us!

This is an equally amazing place to drop in for some oxygen and other altitude-recovery treatments, or for some body work. Today I booked forty minutes of chair massage, 30 mins of foot acupressure l, and I got oxygen while he worked on my feet. For what was a very reasonable tab, it brought immense value. Mike is the best deep tissue masseuse I have ever had, and I walked out of there a different person. Don’t waste your money on the big resort spas – get some real work done right in town!

JUST GO !!!!!!!!

Sometimes you you just find yourself in the right place at the right time. I have had reflexology all over the world and who knew that Created Butte, Colorado would have one of the best!

If your coming in from sea level 30 minutes of O2 can change your day. If your headachy or nauseous it can really help your symptoms.

This place was incredible & the owner, Mike, has such a kind nature & relaxing energy about him. My husband & I did the chair massage with Mike & 30 minutes of oxygen each. We both agreed that the chair massage was one of the best massages that we’d ever had (even a couple of days later we still feel great!) & that the 30 minutes of oxygen left us feeling really rejuvenated. I also did reflexology with Mike & it was by far the best reflexology I’ve ever had. We will most definitely be back next time we’re in Crested Butte!

Your #1 altitude sickness cure! I was a little leery about the claims, but I am a 100% in appreciation of this spa. I had migraines, could not breathe, was tired, not sleeping and had horrible stomach issues. I was sick and not enjoying my vacation. I spent 1 hour in the spa, took a nap while I got the hyperbaric treatment and feel so much better. I was able to go downhill biking several times up the lift to the top, no issues. 2 long hikes, 8+ miles and am enjoying this beautiful town! Thank you so much to the owners for their patience, talking me through the process and excellent customer service. You will be my first stop next time I am in town!

Ready For an Altitude Adjustment?

Oxygen is the solution!

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